Hexagon Panel - Natural Aura

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  • 240cm x 60cm și 300cm x 60cm
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Hexagon Panels: 1 PCS

5 PCS 1 (Box)
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Hexagon Panels

1 PCS, 5 PCS 1 (Box)


Enhance your space with our hexagon acoustic wall panels, designed for seamless installation and stunning wall decor. Each panel features a black felt backing, MDF front, and natural wood finish.

Transform any room with our hexagon acoustic wall panels. Each panel measures 810mm in length and 665mm in width, covering an area of 0.53m². These panels are designed to interlock seamlessly when placed side by side, creating a beautiful and cohesive wall decoration.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: MDF, natural wood, black felt
  • Panel Dimensions: Length: 810mm, Width: 665mm
  • Coverage Area: 0.53m² per panel
  • Package Options: Available as a single panel or in a pack of 5

The panels feature a sturdy black felt backing, an MDF front, and a natural wood finish, combining durability with aesthetic appeal. Whether you're looking to enhance the acoustics of a room or add a stylish touch, these panels are the perfect solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Material: MDF front, natural wood finish, black felt backing
  • Panel Dimensions: Length: 810mm, Width: 665mm
  • Coverage Area: 0.53m² per panel
  • Seamless Installation: Designed to interlock seamlessly for a cohesive look
  • Aesthetic and Functional: Enhances room acoustics and adds stylish decor
  • Easy to Install: Simple to assemble and mount on any wall

Example Installation: For instance, if your wall measures 300cm in width and 240cm in height, you'll need to cover an area of 7.2m². Each panel covers 0.53m², so for a 7.2m² wall, you would need approximately 14 panels (7.2 / 0.53 = 13.5, rounded up to 14).

Usage Areas:

  • Living Rooms: Add a stylish and acoustic-enhancing element.
  • Bedrooms: Create a cozy and sound-optimized environment.
  • Offices: Improve the acoustics and aesthetics of your workspace.
  • Restaurants: Add a touch of elegance and noise reduction to dining areas.

Installation and Maintenance Information: The panels are very easy to install with their interlocking design, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free assembly process. Maintenance is simple; just wipe the panels with a dry cloth to keep them clean and looking their best.

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Customer Reviews

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I am very happy with that Hexagon Panels!

The natural wood texture and modern design of the Hexagon panels really impressed me. Our walls now look much more aesthetic and stylish. The installation instructions were very clear and straightforward, so installing the panels was pretty easy. It exceeded my expectations with its product quality and design. I definitely recommend it!

Harvy Hec
High Quality, fast shipping, excellent customer support!

When I bought Hexagon panels, I didn't think I would get such a high quality and stylish result. The natural wood texture of the panels added a different atmosphere to our rooms thanks to its very elegant and modern design. The installation process was very easy and completed in a short time. With these panels, the atmosphere of our home has completely changed and become much more modern. I definitely recommend it!

Easy Installation and incredible result!

These panels made a great contribution to the decoration of our home. Thanks to its wooden texture and modern design, our walls look much more aesthetic. The installation process was very simple and effortless, I completed it in a short time. If you want to add elegance and modernity to your home, these panels are a great choice!

Beautiful Panels, quick delivery!

It's a product I've seen for the first time, I've never seen these hexagon panels anywhere before, I ordered them for my media wall, I bought 12 and they were enough, I definitely recommend them, they are great panels.

Great hexagon panels, the result is amazing!

Meeting Hexagon panelsGreat hexagon panels, the result is amazing! was a great turning point for the decoration of our home. The natural wood texture and modern design of the panels added incredible elegance to our rooms. The installation process was very easy and the results were truly impressive. You can completely change the atmosphere of your home with these panels.